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What Can I Give My Child Instead of Candy on Easter?

Easter is already around the corner, and you have still not decided what to put in the easter basket for your child. Well, do not panic; we are here at your rescue. Not to worry, we will not recommend candies. Instead, we will make you near and dear to the alluring options that will hold the potential to make this Easter long-lived in your memories. So, dive deep into the blog to know phenomenal easter gift ideas for kids. 

What To Add To Easter Basket For Your Kids?

Walk through these astonishing easter gift ideas and make your child grin. 


Toys are an excellent alternative to candy since they give hours of pleasure to youngsters. Besides, like candies, they will not be a nine days wonder. Consider purchasing a Disney Cars Pixar Color Changers Fillmore, plush animal, or Hot Wheels LB Super Silhouette Nissan for your youngster. Apart from these two, we have a plethora of options to offer— which are as follows: 

These presents can also inspire youngsters to play more actively, which is good for their health. You can head toward the toys collection on our website to find other simple yet amazing pieces for your child. 


Books are another excellent alternative to candy for your youngster. They assist in enhancing reading skills and allow you to connect with your child and spend precious moments with them. You can choose a book suited to your child's age and interests or an Easter-related book, such as a story about the Easter bunny or the significance of Easter.

Art Supplies

Consider gifting your child some art tools for Easter if they like being artistic. Markers, colored pencils, paint, or even a new notebook might be included as some of the best easter gift ideas. Easter-themed art products, such as coloring books and egg dyeing kits, are also available. Not only will your child be occupied for hours, but making art may also help them enhance their fine motor skills and creativity.

Easter Themed Squishmallows

Squishmallows come in a variety of cute and fun designs, and some are specifically made for Easter— look for bunnies, chicks, and other easter squishmallows. These squishy eggs are the ideal Easter basket filler! Attractive, soft, and stretchy, your kids (and you!) will enjoy playing with them. If you wish to incorporate them into an Easter egg hunt, they will fit wonderfully. Besides, consider adding a personal touch to the gift by attaching a small Easter card or some Easter candy along with the Squishmallow.  

Outdoor Recreation

Spring is an excellent season to encourage outdoor play, so give your child a present that encourages them to get outside on easter day 2023. Examples include a frisbee, a jump rope, or a kite. You might also organize an outdoor Easter egg hunt— one of the most popular easter traditions in the United States. Besides, taking a family walk to a nearby park or nature trail while telling them the significance of Easter can do wonders for your child. 

Healthy Snacks

If you still want to treat your youngster, think of something healthier than candy. You could offer your youngster a fruit basket or a box of raisins. Healthy components such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruit may be used to make homemade granola bars. No matter what, they'll love having healthy snacks on Easter. 

Sports Memorabilia

Is your child a sports fanatic? Well, why not give him a tinge of sports on easter day 2023? And what else can do the magic other than sports memorabilia? Incorporate valuable sports collectibles in your easter decorations. Besides being an amazing decorative piece, it also comes under the list of prime easter gift ideas for kids. However, when choosing sports memorabilia, you may encounter a confusing state— how to determine the value of sports memorabilia and what to choose. But, keeping in mind certain factors like ▪️Which item has a signature? ▪️ Who signed it? ▪️ Authentication ▪️ And Trends affecting supply and demand can help you in picking the ideal one for your child. 

Final Word! 

Easter is the epitome of joy and peace. Therefore, we can't hate the season just because of candies. Fill in your child's baskets with the above-mentioned easter gift ideas— we are sure they'll love them. Shop from WofSports and avail all the benefits that our offer brings in— Free Priority Shipping on Purchase over $49.99. So, why wait? Save your penny while making your child bosom buddies with easter Squishmallows and toys. 


What are 3 Easter traditions?

Easter has traditionally been a time of celebration and feasting. Numerous traditional Easter activities and rituals have evolved. The most popular 3 easter traditions are as follows: 

  • Egg Rolling
  • Egg Tapping
  • Egg Decorating

What are the three colors associated with Easter? 

Purple, white, and gold are the three primary Easter hues. Purple and violet colors are commonly utilized throughout the Lenten season, leading up to Easter. The most prominent colors on Easter Sunday are generally white and gold to signify the sanctity and victory of Jesus' resurrection.

Which is the most popular Easter activity?

Easter egg hunts

Certainly, the most popular Easter pastime is egg hunts.