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Squish, Squeeze, and Smile: Join the Summer Squish Fest

When it comes to squishing, we've got your summer plans sorted! So, fellow squish enthusiasts, you can meet the coolest gang in town – the Squishmallows – at the WOF Sports' Summer Squish Fest! From the snuggle Gavin to the cosmic Alec, these plushies are here to make your summer extra special. So, gear up as we hop, skip, and squish our way into the cutest adventure of the season!

Gavin the Charming Bear:

Let's kick things off with Gavin, the squishy bear Squishmallow, who's all about spreading hugs and good vibes. With his warm smile and ultra-soft feel, Gavin is your perfect squishy sidekick this fest. Give him a squeeze, and you'll instantly feel the summer sunshine radiating through his fuzzy welcome! Whether you're lazing indoors or exploring the outdoors, Gavin's squish-tastic charm will light up your days.

Finley, the Playful Fox:

Ready to turn up the fun factor? Finley, the playful fox Squishmallow is here to help you with that! With his vibrant colors and boundless energy, Finley is your go-to buddy for exciting escapades. How about a game of catch? With a toss and a squeeze, Finley's squishy magic will have you laughing and playing all day long. He's the squishy adventure companion you didn't know you needed!

Alec the Cosmic Alien:

Hold onto your space helmets because Alec, the cosmic alien Squishmallow is ready to take you on a squishy intergalactic journey! With his starry design and squishy personality, he's the perfect co-pilot for dreaming up epic space missions on those warm summer nights. Close your eyes, give Alec a cosmic squeeze, and get ready to explore the universe – all while keeping your squish game strong.

Loberta the Enthusiastic Llama:

Llamas and squishiness – what a combo! Loberta brings a pop of color and heaps of enthusiasm to the Summer Squish Fest. Her quirky style and super-squishy texture make her an instant hit. Whether you're lounging at home or joining a llama parade (yes, that's a thing), Loberta's squishy charm is guaranteed to turn heads and bring smiles wherever you go.

Bambi the Adorable Bunny:

Get ready to melt into a puddle of cuteness because Bambi the Bunny Squishmallow is here to steal your heart. For those serene moments when you just want to cuddle and unwind, Bambi's squishy hug is your go-to remedy. Imagine: you, Bambi, and a cozy blanket under the shade of a tree – the ultimate recipe for summer squishy serenity.

Tai the Sea Turtle:

Slow and steady wins the squishy race with Tai, the sea turtle Squishmallow! With his laid-back style and squish-tastic shell, he's all about helping you savor the summer vibes. Enjoy Tai's squishiness, take a deep breath, and dive into the sea of relaxation. Whether you're basking by the pool or enjoying a picnic by the waves, Tai's squishy magic will remind you to enjoy every moment.

Pace the Speedy Cheetah:

Zoom into the fest with Pace, the speedster cheetah Squishmallow! Summer is all about embracing your inner speed demon, and Pace is here to lead the way. Whether you're racing around with friends, trying out your fastest dance moves, or simply sprinting to grab that last slice of watermelon, Pace's squishy energy will keep the excitement alive.

Snorlax the Snoozy Superstar:

What's summer without a few lazy afternoons? Enter Snorlax, the legendary Pokemon Squishmallow, with his expert-level relaxation skills. Whether you're hammock-bound or setting up a fort of pillows, Snorlax's squishy charm will have you in the mood for some serious snoozing. Just don't be surprised if you wake up with a smile – that's the magic of Snorlax squishes!

Pluto and Minnie:

Hold on to your Mickey ears because it's time for Disney magic with Pluto and Minnie Squishmallows! These iconic characters are here to sprinkle some fairy dust on your summer adventures. Pluto's loyalty and Minnie's timeless style combine to bring you a squishy dose of pure enchantment. Take them along for the ride as you create your own Disney-worthy summer story!

Carlos the Cactus:

Say hello to Carlos, the cactus Squishmallow who's here to prove that even prickly pals can be super squishy! With his desert-inspired charm, Carlos shows us that true friends come in all shapes and sizes – even ones with spiky personalities. Give Carlos a gentle squeeze, and you'll realize that friendships can bloom even in the driest of places.

Jacob the Lamb and Dumbo:

Double the fluff, double the fun! Jacob the Lamb and Dumbo are teaming up to bring you a squishy overload. Whether you're smitten by Jacob's fluffy fleece or can't resist Dumbo's iconic ears, these two are a dynamic duo of cuteness. Take them with you on all your summer escapades and watch as ordinary moments become extraordinary memories, all thanks to their squishy magic.

Garret the Guinea Pig and Ariel:

Tiny but mighty – that's the motto of Garret the guinea pig and Ariel Squishmallows! These mini pals are ready to pack a punch of adorableness into your summer. Garret's pint-sized charm and Ariel's aquatic allure prove that size doesn't matter when it comes to bringing big smiles. From park picnics to beach bashes, these squishy buddies are your ticket to endless giggles.

Stackable Green Frog Squishmallow:

Ribbit, ribbit! Don't hop away just yet, because the stackable green frog Squishmallow is here to join the summer squish party! With its adorable design and stackable nature, this froggy friend brings a whole new level of squishy fun. Build a tower of squishiness, give it a loving squeeze, and watch it bounce back with a smile – just like your summer spirit!

Belle Squishmallow:

Last but certainly not least, say bonjour to Belle Squishmallow, the embodiment of beauty, elegance, and of course, squishiness! With her enchanting charm and squishy grace, Belle is the belle of the Squish Fest ball. Whether you're having a tea party with your squishy pals or setting on a fairy tale adventure, Belle's squish.

Lobert the Blue Lobster:

Last but not least, let's give a warm welcome to Lobert, the blue lobster Squishmallow! With his oceanic hues and squishy hug, he's here to take you on an underwater adventure like no other. Dive into Lobert's squishy world and explore the mysteries of the deep sea. Whether you're dreaming of mermaids or uncovering hidden treasures, Lobert's squishiness will keep you company every splash of the way.

So, dear squish enthusiasts, are you ready to dive into the world of Squishmallows and join the Summer Squish Fest with WOF Sports? These huggable plushies are here to make your summer unforgettable, one squeeze at a time. Remember, whether you're squishing Gavin, hugging Alec, or adventuring with Finley, it's all about embracing the squish, the squeeze, and the endless smiles!


What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are irresistibly squishy plushies with vibrant personalities, perfect for all ages.

Can I stack the Stackable Green Frog Squishmallow?

Absolutely! Stack 'em, squish 'em – these frogs are ready for squishy tower fun!

 Are Squishmallows suitable for all ages?

Yes, they're designed for squish lovers of all ages.

How do I care for my Squishmallows during summer adventures?

Keep them away from water and excessive heat. Gently hand wash if needed, and provide shade during outdoor escapades.

Can I collect Squishmallows from different collections?

Definitely! Explore various collections with unique characters and themes.

How can I join the Summer Squish Fest?

Share your squishy adventures on social media using #SummerSquishFest and be part of the fun!

Where can I find these adorable Squishmallows?

Look in retail stores, specialty shops, and online marketplaces for your favorite Squishmallows!