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Squish, Smile, Repeat: Making Memories at the Summer Squish Fest

When it comes to cuddly companions, Squishmallows have emerged as a delightful and irresistible trend. These plush, squishy toys have captured the hearts of people of all ages with their endearing designs, soft textures, and huggable appeal. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to Squishmallows, here's a list of adorable Squishmallows to consider adding to your collection.

Onea the Owl

Onea the Owl is the wise and gentle guardian of your dreams. With his big, soulful eyes and intricate feather detailing, she brings a sense of comfort and tranquility to your collection. Onea is perfect for quiet moments, bedtime stories, and stargazing nights. She is perfect for cuddling, and her calm demeanor can help ease worries and anxieties. Having Onea in your Squishmallow family is like having a wise friend who's always there to lend an empathetic ear.

Sofia the Unicorn

Sofia, the Unicorn, is a beacon of magic and wonder. Her pastel-colored mane and glittering horn are a testament to her enchanting nature. Sofia inspires imagination and encourages you to believe in the extraordinary. With her by your side, you're reminded that possibilities are limitless and dreams can come true. Sofia's soft, squishy body is perfect for playtime adventures and moments of quiet reflection, making her an essential addition to your Squishmallow collection.

Kippie Squishmallow

This is yet another great squishy to have. Kippie Squishmallow brings a touch of down under to your Squishmallow family. With his fuzzy ears and laid-back expression, he exudes a sense of calm and relaxation. Kippie embodies the importance of taking things slow and finding joy in life's simpler moments. His plush body is perfect for soothing cuddles and moments of reflection, making him an essential addition to those seeking a peaceful presence in their collection.

Bowie the Hedgehog

Bowie the Hedgehog is a lovable contradiction – his spiky exterior hides a heart of gold. With his endearing smile and cuddly demeanor, Bowie teaches us not to judge based on appearances. He symbolizes the power of vulnerability and reminds us that letting our guard down is okay. Bowie's plush body invites warm embraces and serves as a reminder to approach the world with an open heart.

Maelle the Sea Turtle

If you want some pink squish Maelle, the pink turtle is the choice. She is a serene beauty of the ocean. Her soothing pink colors and gentle expression remind us of the tranquility that can be found beneath the waves. Maelle symbolizes patience and endurance, encouraging us to gracefully navigate life's currents. Her textured shell and plush body provide a tactile comfort perfect for moments of relaxation and self-care.

Manny the Snowman

Manny the Snowman brings a touch of winter magic all year round. His carrot nose, coal eyes, and cozy scarf evoke nostalgic, happy memories from childhood. Manny's presence is a reminder of the joy and wonder of the holiday season. Whether you're snuggled up by the fireplace or daydreaming of a white Christmas, Manny's soft and huggable body adds a sprinkle of frosty delight to your collection.

Junie Yellow Banana

Junie Yellow Banana is a playful and mischievous addition to the Squishmallow family. With his cheeky grin and energetic pose, he reminds us to embrace our inner child and to find joy in everyday antics. This banana squishmallow symbolizes the lightheartedness of life, encouraging us to laugh freely and not take things too seriously. His squishy body is ideal for imaginative play and for infusing a sense of playfulness into your collection.

Danny the Green Dino

For the fans of "The Good Dinosaur," we have Danny the Dino, who takes us on a journey for a long time. With his prehistoric charm and friendly expression, he sparks curiosity and imagination. Danny encourages us to explore the world, embracing both the ancient and the new, and teach our children about the earth's remarkable history. His squishy body is an invitation to embark on exciting adventures and uncover the mysteries of the past.

Hasani the Hedgehog

Hasani the Hedgehog is a delightful mix of prickly and plush. Her spine might appear intimidating, but her soft exterior tells a different story. Hasani reminds us that vulnerability can be a strength and that embracing our authentic selves leads to meaningful connections. Her playful expression and huggable body make her a cherished friend in moments of both introspection and play.

Alec Squishmallow 

Alec Squishmallow brings a touch of the wild to your Squishmallow lineup. With his toothy grin and friendly eyes, he's a reminder that appearances can be deceiving. Alec Squishmallow encourages us to look beyond first impressions and discover the depths of someone's character. His textured body and plush features create a unique and engaging tactile experience, perfect for sparking curiosity and conversations.

Miley The Llama 

Showcasing the embodiment of whimsy and charm, Miley The Llama can make you ready for a delightful adventure. Miley encourages us to enjoy spontaneity and find joy in small surprises. Her presence reminds us to let go of worries and sink in moments of carefree fun. Miley's squishy texture and cheerful demeanor make him a cherished companion for all ages.

Petula the Unicorn

Petula the Unicorn stands out with her vibrant colors and sparkling horn. She celebrates individuality and the magic of being true to oneself. Petula inspires confidence and self-expression, reminding us to embrace our unique qualities. Her plush body is a source of comfort and encouragement, serving as a reminder that it's okay to shine bright and be exactly who you are.

Ricky the Blue Clownfish

Ricky, the Blue Clownfish, is a burst of aquatic energy and excitement. With his vibrant orange and white stripes, he brings the vibrant beauty of the ocean to your collection. Ricky's cheerful expression encourages us to dive into life enthusiastically and positively. His squishy texture is perfect for imaginative play and for channeling the spirit of underwater exploration.

Austin the Avocado

Austin the Avocado is a charming oddball that stands out with her quirky design. She's a celebration of uniqueness and a reminder of beauty in embracing the unconventional. Austin symbolizes the importance of self-acceptance and the power of being comfortable in your skin. Her soft and squishy body is a delightful conversation starter and a comforting presence during moments of self-discovery.

Wrapping Up!

Each Squishmallow in this collection has its own special qualities and message to share. From wisdom to magic, positivity to exploration, these adorable plush companions enrich our lives with their personalities and charm. As you welcome them into your Squishmallow family, you're not just acquiring toys – you're inviting a world of emotions, lessons, and comfort into your heart and home.


What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are soft, plush toys loved for their charming designs and huggable texture, appealing to all ages and collectors alike.

Who is Onea the Owl?

Onea the Owl is a comforting Squishmallow with soulful eyes and intricate feathers, perfect for bedtime stories and soothing worries.

Who is Sofia the Unicorn?

Sofia the Unicorn is a magical Squishmallow inspiring imagination and belief in the extraordinary, with a soft body suited for play or reflection.

Who is Kippie Squishmallow?

Kippie Squishmallow, with fuzzy ears and a calm expression, embodies life's simple joys, offering comfort through cuddles and moments of contemplation.

Who is Bowie the Hedgehog?

With a cuddly demeanor, Bowie the Hedgehog reminds us not to judge by appearances and encourages open-heartedness.