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NCAA Tournament 2023: Your One-Stop Guide To The March Madness

Precis: The NCAA Tournament 2023 has already started. How can you not know about it? In this post, we'll cover all the ins and outs of this year's tournament. So, continue reading to make yourself near and dear to the essentials of march madness 2023. 

What Is March Madness, And How Many Teams Are In March Madness 2023?

March Madness is the term given to the annual National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men's and women's basketball championships. This championship happens in March and concludes with the coronation of a national champion in each category.

The NCAA DI Men's Basketball Tournament in March 2023 will feature 68 teams participating in a single-elimination tournament to decide the national champion. The tournament starts with the First Four. This further includes four play-in games and is preceded by the first and second rounds, the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and eventually, the title game.

Similarly, the NCAA DI Women's Basketball Tournament takes place in March, with 64 teams participating in an identical single-elimination tournament to crown the champion team.

March Madness is famous for its uncertainty, shocks, and buzzer-beater endings, making it one of the sports' most entertaining tournaments. So, if you want to toast your glasses to the best march madness bracket in style, check out our glassware collection. Pour your favorite wine and enjoy the NCAA Tournament 2023. 

Furthermore, this tournament decides the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championship winner for the 2022-23 year. Although there are 68 teams in Men's Basketball Tournament, according to CBS Sports, five top-notch teams have a high chance of winning. So, let’s take a look at those teams in the next section. 

Which Are The Top 5 Teams According To CBS Sports?

CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander took on the monumental task of evaluating every single squad in the championship from No. 1 to No. 68. Here are the names of the top 5 teams according to him: 

  • Houston Cougars
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Purdue Boilermakers
  • Kansas Jayhawks
  • Texas Longhorns

Does your march madness 2023 bracket has any name from the list? If yes, there is a good chance that you may have chosen the perfect march madness bracket. Therefore, just wrap in WofSports’ NCAA fleece blankets to cheer up your team while staying warm and up to the minute. 

So far, we have read what march madness is, how many teams will play in the NCAA tournament 2023, and the top five teams according to CBS sports. But now the question is, when and where can you enjoy these games? To clear the air, we have mentioned the dates and NCAA tournament locations 2023 in the next segment of the blog. 

March Madness 2023 Tournament Schedule— Dates And Locations

The 2023 March Madness men's NCAA tournament begins with the First Four games in Dayton, Ohio and continues until 2023 Final Four in Houston.

The Complete Men's 2023 March Madness Tournament Schedule

Stream (Selection Sunday)

Sunday, March 12 (6 p.m. ET on CBS)

First Four

March 14-15 (Games begin at 6:40 PM on truTV )

First round

March 16-17 (Games begin at 12:15 p.m. on CBS, truTV, TBS and TNT)

Second round

March 18-19 (Games begin at 12:10 p.m. on CBS, truTV, TBS and TNT)

Sweet 16

March 23-24 (Games begin at 6:30 p.m. on CBS and TBS)

Elite Eight

March 25-26 (First Saturday game begins at 6:09 p.m. First Sunday game starts at 2:20 p.m. on on CBS and TBS)

Final Four

April 1 (First game at 6:09 p.m. on CBS)

NCAA championship game

April 3 (Game starts at 9:20 p.m. on CBS)

The Complete Women's 2023 March Madness Tournament Schedule

First Four games

March 15-16 

First Round

March 17-18 (Game starts at 11:30 AM on ESPN2)

Second Round

March 19-20

Sweet 16

March 24-25

Elite 8

March 26-27

Final Four

March 31 (At 7 and 9:30 p.m. ET on ESPN)

National Championship Game

April 2 (At 3 p.m. ET on ABC)

NCAA has stated that starting in 2023, the Sweet 16/ Elite Eight will be staged at two different locations each year, with eight teams competing at each location.

Wrapping Up!

The NCAA tournament 2023 promises to be exciting, with talented teams and players competing for the championship title. Fans can look forward to intense games, unexpected upsets, and the pageantry and excitement that comes with March Madness. With WofSports, you can turn your jejune march madness into an alluring and tantalizing one even when you are just watching the game from your home— scroll down our website, pick your favorite team’s throw blanket from our NCAA throw blanket collection, and revitalize you march madness mood. 


Is March Madness every year?

Every March, the annual tournament draws millions of spectators who fill out brackets to anticipate the next NCAA winners.

In 2024, where will March Madness be?

Oklahoma City, Okla

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Final Four Dates- April 6 and 8, 2024

City- REGION Phoenix, Facility State Farm Stadium

Host- Arizona State University is hosted at the State Farm Stadium.

What is the prize for a perfect bracket?

The top reward is $1 MILLION for a flawless bracket. NCAA backs up those statistics.

Is there anyone who has a flawless March Madness bracket?

No one in the NCAA tournament's history has a verifiably perfect bracket.

Who will host the Final Four in 2023?

The NCAA Men's Final Four in 2023 will be hosted at NRG Stadium, with the National Semifinals on April 1 and the National Championship on April 3.

Which team has the longest streak of March Madness?


Kansas (33) The Jayhawks' string of straight Big 12 regular season crowns ended in 2019, although their NCAA tournament participation have maintained. KU was given the No. 1 seed in the 2022 NCAA tournament field and went on to win the national championship.