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Back To School Trends:-Top 11 Merch Items Students Will Cheer About

You have come to the right place if you want branded merchandise for your school, college, university, and organizations. From classroom to dorm, from the pregame festival to post-game parties, at WOF Sports, we are making it easy for everyone to start their next school year journey in the right gear.  

To ensure you get easily outfitted, we have hand-picked the top 11 best-sellers that show back to school spirit while giving students the right gear for loudly cheating on the home team. So, let's get you started! 

Bed In Bag Set

Bed in bag sets are perfect when you want to enlighten your room. With your favorite team's colors, they are a great choice for a one-and-done kind of shopper. Buying a complete bed in bags set lifts the hustle of matching and finding the perfect pillows and blankets for your bedsheet. In other words, it's a time and effort-saving option for the students while still having the room of their dreams away from home. 

A Bed-in-a-bag sets usually includes the following:

  • One comforter
  • sheets
  • Two regular pillowcases
  • Decorative extras, like pillow shams, throw pillows, bed skirts, or curtains.

One other benefit of having a bag set is convenience. No matter how often you want to overhaul the look of your dorm room or even change the room, it goes by just one easy step. 

A Scarf

When headed to witness your favorite team win on a freezing fall day or need to stay warm and cozy walking across your campus in the bleak winter, you will need a scarf to keep you warm. And what could be better than having a licensed team silky scarf that is also fashionable and lightweight? 

Our officially licensed NFL scarfs are 35 inches x 35 inches. So, you can style them with the right accessories, like NFL earrings and glasses, making them a great addition to your merch lineup.

Water Bottles

Whether it's game day or just another summer day on your campus, you need a water bottle alongside you on the sizzling days of the summer, even in the winter. At WOF Sports, we have Officially licensed NFL filter water bottles for you to stay hydrated in style. 

With the ability to filter water from any source on the go, you can now enjoy clean and refreshing water wherever you go. The bottle has a team-colored flip-top lid and filter attachment to show off your team spirit while staying hydrated. Don't settle for ordinary water bottles when you can upgrade to the NFL filter water bottle, an ultimate hydration solution!

Cinch Bags

How can we miss mentioning the bags when discussing the school and campus days? After all, it is one of the school essentials and also one of the fun ways to flaunt your team spirit. 

The best element of the clinch bag is that it is easy to carry. You can take them everywhere, whether you want to wear them for a game day or another campus day. While these bags have been the most popular choice for game day or gym to carry snacks, books, water bottles, and all the other essentials, now these bags have gone under a fashion reinvention with team logos, fabrics, and different colors. 

Lunch Bags

Lunch bags have been one of the most useful promo products on campus. While they carry your lunch, they also act as branded merch to welcome first-year students to campus and pledge to their sports house. 

So, get ready to show off your team pride with our Official NBA-licensed team lunch bag. Its soft, insulated design keeps your food items fresh and secure. It is also perfect for game day or sending your little one to school. With eye-catching team color and logo design, a team spirit lunch bag is essential. So, do you want to get heads turning?


Whether sitting in the stand or watching the game from the comfort of your room, having a blanket is comfortable. And that is also why having a blanket becomes essential. With it, you can relax without worrying about being uncomfortable supporting your favorite team. If you are sitting in the stands, it can also help you stay warm on a chilly day. Just put it on your, and it will be an additional insulation layer. Believer, you'll be glad to thank yourself for having it when the temperature decreases as the sun goes down.

SnapBack Hats 

The season passes quickly, so you need merch that fits the transition from hot to cooler weather and vice versa. A hat is a great merch and fashion accessory at the same time to wear on your campus. Also, it's great for protecting the sun's harmful rays, especially when you're outdoors enjoying school events or cheering from the stands. Opting for a hat ensures added sun protection while setting bars for the team provides high.

On top of that, snapback hats come in various styles to match your taste and team choice. Whether you choose a wide-brimmed hat for maximum coverage or a stylish one with flair, you're fashionably safeguarding your skin. Embracing these sun-safe accessories and clothing showcases your style and prioritizes your well-being. It also ensures that your time spent on your campus outdoors remains enjoyable and worry-free.


Keychains always remain by your side, whether securing your key or adding a little accessory in a zipper to hook your backup. Why not accessorize it with team pride? We offer a range of officially licensed Keychains that protect your keys and showcase your school's colors and logo, adding a touch of fandom to your everyday life and making your backpack stand out from the crowd.

Car Decals

Take your school spirit on the road with our selection of high-quality car decals. Whether commuting to campus or driving to a game, these decals let you proudly display your team allegiance. They're easy to apply and remove. Also, car decals are a great way to customize your vehicle and make a statement wherever you go.

Campus Decor

Making your dorm a second home starts with decorating it. And the best part is that with minimal items, you can make a true fan haven with our campus decor items. From cards featuring iconic team moments to decorative pillows, you can create a space that reflects your passion for your favorite team. These decor pieces are great for personalizing your dorm room or apartment and make for thoughtful gifts for fellow fans.

Wrapping Up

With our wide selection of branded merch, you'll be able to find the perfect items to kick off your school year easily. With these top 11 merch teams, you will stay in style while proudly supporting your school or team. Whether looking for functional items like water bottles and bags or fashion-forward accessories like scarves and hats, WOF Sports has you covered with high-quality products that celebrate your team spirit.


What types of merchandise does WOF Sports offer for schools and organizations?

WOF Sports offers a variety of branded merchandise. Our merchandise includes bed-in-bag sets, scarves, water bottles, cinch bags, lunch bags, blankets, SnapBack hats, keychains, car decals, and campus decor.

How can a scarf from WOF Sports be both fashionable and functional?

WOF Sports offers licensed NFL scarves. These scarves are stylish and lightweight, serving as a warm accessory and fashionable addition to your merchandise lineup.

What makes the NFL filter water bottle from WOF Sports unique?

The NFL filter water bottle offered by WOF Sports allows you to filter water on the go from any source. Additionally, they feature team-colored design elements and a flip-top lid to showcase team spirit while staying hydrated.